Your tenement property is probably your biggest asset. Keep it that way with Edinburgh Stair Management!

Florance Kennedy

Florance Kennedy, company director

Edinburgh Council no longer issues statutory notices for non-emergency mutual repairs. It now falls to the owners to keep an eye on the common spaces, maintain them and spot flaws early, when they are cheap to repair. However, owners are living busy lives and it’s not easy to keep on top of things. We have the cost-effective solution – free advice and a management service which helps home-owners to undertake mutual repairs while retaining complete control of all work.

We help you catch small problems before they become big ones and offer:

  • FREE guidance on setting up an owners’ association.  This association will commission, approve and pay for all work carried out on the property. Contact us for details.
  • Organisation and management of stair painting and enhancement of common areas.
  • Regular Stair cleaning and garden maintenance.
  • Internal and external inspection/survey of property.
  • Guidance through the process of organising, commissioning and managing agreed repair work.
  • With our help, you can cost-effectively improve and maintain common areas (seen and unseen) so that your property remains a financial asset and a pleasure for all concerned.