Based on experience


Stonework – before

Edinburgh Stair Management was born out of personal experience. Between 2010 and 2012, a group of owners of a B-listed property in central Edinburgh organised and paid for a major stonework repair from a standing start and without council assistance or external funding. We worked through all the challenges as a team. The building now looks superb and is used as a case study by the contractor. That kind of experience is invaluable, and if we can pass on what we learned to others facing the same problems, it could save a lot of time, stress and money. For this reason, Florance Kennedy has set up Edinburgh Stair Management to help others through the process.

Setting up a home owners’ association

Stonework after

Stonework – after

Since Edinburgh City Council has withdrawn from handling non-emergency statutory repairs, owners have a limited choice when it comes to undertaking the care and maintenance of their building. You can either appoint a factor, which provides peace of mind at a cost (along with an attendant reduction in control), or you can organise yourselves to undertake the work as a team. This is cheaper, and most importantly, keeps the owners in charge. You decide what to do and when, and how much to spend.

Because this is a daunting process, we have produced a free guide to setting up an association. Please contact us if you would like this document.

Edinburgh City Council also have good advice on their website

Relatively recent legislation in the Tenements Act of 2004 gives the power to a majority of owners to undertake repairs even if a minority object. It is also now possible to identify landlords easily as they now have to be registered.

There is therefore now every reason to set up an owners’ association, and get the ball rolling on enhancing the attractiveness and value of your property.

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