Professional property advice and maintenance services for complete ease of mind

Improve the desirability of your property, whether to live in, sell, or rent out, by providing a clean, well-decorated and maintained entrance, stair and building. We can arrange for monthly stair cleaning, painting, and repair work to make your property the best in the street:

  • We offer a nimble response, a tailored service, and you only pay you when you need us (unless of course you want a long term contract for routine maintenance of stair or garden).
  • We take away the burden of responsibility and show you how to pull together and make wise joint decisions.
  • Once you have your owners’ association (or even before), Edinburgh Stair Management can provide various services to help you look after your property, such as:
    • arranging for your stair to be painted and minor repairs undertaken to make it an attractive place to come home to.
    • organising a survey, or ‘property MOT’. This involves a professional inspection of the building internally, and externally by hydraulic lift, and is invaluable in identifying small problems before they become big ones. Cost from £600 per building.
    • arranging quotations for work and organising a repair – cost from £150 per building. The owners’ association remains in control and takes all the decisions. Edinburgh Stair Management would carry out the time-consuming arrangements.
    • Monthly Stair cleaning – cost from £40. Or advice on how to do-it-yourselves.
    • Monthy garden maintenance – cost from £60.

These are typical requirements. Please contact us to discuss your own particular situation.